The Stanford Idea-to-Market (I2M) Program provides the tools, techniques and real-world expertise you need to make your idea a reality.

Guided by Stanford faculty and industry professionals, you'll learn concrete ways to shape, frame, communicate and execute new business ideas. You'll get the how-to guidance you need to build momentum and move forward with your idea — and repeat the process for every new idea you have.

What REV can do

What the Idea-to-Market Program Can Do

Through virtual collaboration and online coursework, I2M offers practical, hands-on learning designed to challenge your assumptions, expand your thinking, and help redefine your business goals.

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Who should enroll

Who Should Enroll?

The Idea-to-Market (I2M) Program is designed for entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers, and other business innovators who want to bring a new idea to market—either individually or as part of a team.

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Why we're different

Why We’re Different

You'll learn frameworks developed and tested by Stanford faculty who have helped launch scores of successful Silicon Valley start-ups. You’ll receive feedback and guidance throughout the process from these experts and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs.

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